Let’s be honest here: who doesn’t love a dinner party? Great food, drinks, and company, plus the bonuses of not having to wait for a table or split the bill at the night’s end.  

But when it comes to planning your business dinner party at home, where do you begin? The key to planning a successful evening is simple: start with the menu.  

Fraser’s Restaurant knows a thing or two about throwing a corporate catering for a business night. The first step is to decide what type of cuisine you’d like to serve, then choose how many courses you want to serve before locking in your menu.  

Picking different dishes can be the best part, but it can also be the most overwhelming. Gone are the days of simple fondue nights or barbecues – if we’re having people over, we’re dressing the table to impress!  


The Buffet always works great for small events.  

Organising a buffet is effortless and allows your guests to choose their food and portion. Keep in mind that you can have people go down both sides of a buffet table – this will accelerate the process and get everyone to their seats quicker. In the end, you can visually assess which meal ideas were popular with your guests – that’s great feedback for your next event.  


A Modern Australian menu never disappoints.  

Occasionally you just have to go with a menu that pleases the crowd, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be utterly scrumptious.   

If you think the height of Australian cuisine is sausage rolls and a roast dinner, think again. Although, we do love a good roast dinner menu. Roasted chicken with roasted carrots and roasted potatoes on the side? Yum.  

You can easily take classic Australian food and elevate it: instead of lamb chops, try lamb shanks; instead of prawns, try Moreton Bay bugs; and swap your old-fashioned rice pudding for a cheesecake with seasonal fruits (grilled stone fruit on top is a game-changer).   

The Fraser’s Restaurant menu lends itself perfectly to business meetings, and it’s bound to satisfy all the fussy eaters. Don’t think for a second that you can create an incredible feast on the BBQ: barbecued salmon, charred chicken, grilled broccolini. What more could you want for a business party that’s minimal in effort with maximum deliciousness?  

Presentation is the most important.  

Your food may taste delectable, but it should look as good as it tastes! Messy food arrangements or sandwiches falling apart don’t say “professional” and may discourage your guests from trying the food. This is why it’s essential to hire the right caterer. At Fraser’s, we know the importance of food presentation and work extensively to ensure that all our catered menus are attractively presented and create a mouth-watering first impression.

Make sure the food is fresh.  

Quality is essential, so ensure your catering menu selections are freshly prepared– preferably within a couple of hours of your event. Food made too far in advance is either going to be dry, lose its initial taste and freshness or potentially begin to taste bad. Rather than heating the food again, consider warming trays & Sterno set-ups, so that food for the business meeting can be kept warm until it’s ready to be served.  


When in doubt- Get in touch with Fraser’s events! 

If you are unsure how to plan for your business catered event, don’t just wing it – consult with a Catering and events company. At Fraser’s, our Catering Coordinators will help you select menus and arrange the appropriate quantity of food, working with you to ensure your business event is a significant success! Just give us a call on 08 9482 0170.  

Impress your delegates in no time! Our conference venues are centrally located, boast glorious views of Perth City and have capacities of up to 280 people. All features quality AV, ample parking and easy access to public transport with the quality food and Fraser’s Events & Catering services are known for. From single-day sessions to multi-day seminars, our large event catering team can help you find the perfect venue for your corporate function.  

Whether it’s a boardroom set-up, an AGM or a more comprehensive workshop, our corporate function venues are an impressive choice for your next business meeting. We have ample parking at all locations, and our 180-degree views of Perth City and the Swan River create stunning out-of-office experiences. Combined with various catering and AV options to suit morning, noon or night, there’s no better reason to book your next appointment- why not call us today? 

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