A wedding is a significant chapter in everyone’s life. It’s a memorable gathering for family, friends, and colleagues. Sending out wedding invitations, selecting the wedding cake, flowers, bridesmaids’ outfits, decorations, the wedding venues, and the band are all part of the tremendous preparations that may take months to finalise.    

Sometimes, couples discuss ideas to tie everything and keep them coordinated before they pick everything that has been noted. 

wedding celebration ideas

After all, it’s all about Love! – Romantic wedding. 

If you’re compromising by having intimate ceremonies until you can have a wedding celebration more traditionally, opt for cozy romantic wedding venues with your closest family and friends! You can rent out a small yet sweet venue or decorate your garden with flowers and pixie lights to create a romantic ambiance. Wherever you decide to celebrate, it’s essential to keep spacing in mind so that your guests can socially distance themselves. Create a love-themed menu that features your favorite boozy concoctions, put together a romantic playlist and get ready for a night to remember! 

Beach baes to have and to hold- Beach wedding 

Australia’s golden coastlines can encourage anyone to consider a beach wedding. There are lovely beach resorts with gorgeous backgrounds for a wedding. A beach setting requires outdoor coastal seating arrangements, footwear that won’t sink in the soft sand like flat footwear or wedges and espadrilles, and pretty flowers that are tough against the heat. These include sunflowers, freesias, orchids, and calla lilies.   

Let’s live to be a hundred- Vintage wedding. 

Couples can hold a vintage-style wedding whether they go all out or are on a budget. Vintage elements in weddings are not hard to find, even from a bygone era. They can incorporate typewritten wedding invitations and Thank You notes for the dinner setting; the bridesmaids and the groomsmen can coordinate old-world costumes. An old classic Mustang can even serve as the bridal car. 

That Boho dream- Bohemian Wedding. 

Creative and laidback couples may choose a relaxing Bohemian wedding. It’s the type of theme with an opportunity to mismatch rugs at the aisle, hang dreamcatchers, and create bouquets made of wildflowers. You can also quickly achieve the look with a macramé at the wedding arch, wedding dress styles with tassels and fringes, and a colourful outdoor setting. Bridesmaids will wear loose braids and flower crowns, while tweed suits are for the groom and groomsmen. 

Love is an adventure – and your wedding is only one day– An adventurous wedding. 

Australia is teeming with both wildlife and native florals that couples love incorporating into their wedding. Bridesmaids’ dresses will match the wedding cake with burnt orange theme colors. Eucalyptus trees that serve as koala habitats also have that pleasant scent that some may love. They would find venues with eucalyptus trees. Photo taking may also include local animals in the backdrop. 

wedding celebration ideas

Love was what made vineyards grow- Vineyard weddings. 

Whether you like reds, pinks, whites, or all of the above, it’s safe to say that these winery wedding ideas are too pretty for any vino aficionado to resist. From wine color wedding decorations to cork signage and wine ceremony traditions, these details will effortlessly add a pinch of romance and elegance to your winery or vineyard wedding ceremonies. 

Apart from the seaside, Australia is also known for being one of the world’s biggest wine exporters. That tells the country also has scenic vineyards that entertain and hold weddings. For such a theme, the colours used are usually purples that you can pair with gold. Some couples would celebrate the wedding using the backdrop of grapevines or barrels, keeping floral baskets. Do you know what the catch is? Vineyards may also offer their wine products for the reception.  

Shall we compare our hearts to a garden? – Outdoor/Garden wedding. 

The most promising part about planning your wedding reception in a garden setting is the variety of ways your seats can be arranged. You may have to decorate around a tree here and there, place the cake under a gazebo, or use the trees to hang pixie lights for dancing. 

With Fraser’s, a garden is without question the best option; it allows for endless and limitless ideas for your ceremony and reception. Whether you arrange your wedding celebration in your own or a friend’s garden or hire a garden-based venue like Fraser’s, nature will be the best backdrop for such a special occasion. Filled with lots and lots of candles, pixie lights, cute seating areas, and overall greenery and flowers, the arrangement and the details of garden weddings are all incredibly whimsical and romantic. 


Since we tend to work with many to-be hitched couples, we’ve noticed them thoughtfully including the spirit of Love in their wedding readings and vows. We’ve even seen couples be thoughtful about their wedding venues. Ideally, it illustrates what they value in life, love, and marriage. 

We hope you enjoyed these kinds of wedding readings! 

We shared everything from outdoor wedding ideas to adventure weddings to those filled with love. We hope these readings on weddings will help you kick off your wedding plans! 

What do you prefer? We’d love to hear what you’re planning to use for your wedding ceremony, and we’d love to be a part of it! 

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