Heard you have a big event coming your way? Be it a birthday dinner, or a celebration of a certain milestone, it won’t be fulfilling unless the venue and arrangements sweep your guests off your feet.  



Sure, hosting party is never easy, and the stress of making it the best can be your constant partner. It’s not every day you wake up celebrate an occasion. By choosing the venue that would be the ideal fit for your celebration, you are another step closer to a success story!  


Let’s dive into all the pros we should consider for picking the right venue for your next large event catering: 


A great ambience can get you brownie points! 

Don’t we all go through a wave of stress when we are planning an event? The whole process involves too many details. When most people think about restaurants and venues, they have a preconceived notion of what makes a beautiful ambience.  

Because the ultimate aim is to create an environment that people will love. And bright lights might be the icing on the cake when it comes to creating a lively atmosphere perfect for the celebration.  


Make their heart skip a beat with the beauty.  

Your venue selection speaks a lot about you. It will give your guests first impressions of your event’s vibe even before you start the night.  

Therefore, a good venue can definitely save the night. Never a surprise, your guests will be impressed with a well-organised, exclusive venue with excellent service.  


Have-it-all in a place. 

A perfect venue is never complete without all the facilities to satisfy the guests. Not just enough space dedicated to entertaining various events, a proper theme setting, technical support, beautiful lights and the perfect music to go with the vibe is a big time, yes, any day! 


A room for all.  

Not just a beautiful ambience but a spacious venue can woo anybody who walks in.After all, the idea is to make all your guests feel welcome. Moreover, you must save yourself from all the judgmental guests who would pick on the fact that there isn’t enough space for them to mingle with the next person or sit and enjoy the delicious food.  

Even if it is a birthday party or milestone celebration, there’s no place for disappointment!  


Get the smiles and appreciation you deserve!  

It’s not only about eating, drinking and dancing your heart out when you attend an event. As well as offering a great overall experience and mouth-watering party food ideas, a suitable venue can also provide an excellent setting for the event. The venue you choose should provide a satisfying dining experience. 

After all, there is no doubt that the venue can make the whole event extra special if it goes the extra mile. 


Put the maps to rest.  

To have a place right at the heart of the city is always a great perk. Or even if it is easily accessible via maps. Because there will be so many people who have never been to a place before, it won’t be easy to find a venue. That can be such a ruined-my-mood for your guests. Furthermore, not everyone would go through the trouble of finding the location or driving a significant distance to get there. 


Make it worthwhile with the best venues right here in Perth:  


Fraser’s function centre 

If you are interested in an intimate setting to celebrate a milestone, or if you need an elegant destination to present to clients, our private dining room is just what you are looking for. Our private terrace offers spectacular views over Swan River and the city, making it ideal for all kinds of events. 


Located in one of the most breath-taking locations in Western Australia, the Fraser’s events and catering services celebrates the best of Western Australia’s food, wine, and service. After all, dining at Fraser’s ensures lasting memories of celebrations and dining. We have a range of restaurants within the Fraser’s Restaurant Group that offer unique dining experiences.  


The Botanical Café 

Located in Kings Park, the Botanical Café offers amazing breakfasts, fresh West Australian produce, and great coffee. With bottled local beers, wines on tap, and all-day dining in Perth, is not just your perfect Catering and events company, it is also a fully-licensed restaurant. 


With its indoor and outdoor dining options and a sweeping view of the Swan River and City, the Botanical Café is the perfect place to make memories with friends, celebrate life, have an escape-from-the-world getaway, and a chic breakfast meeting, or simply relax. 


Bluewater Bistro 

There’s more to Bluewater than just a stunning view in Perth – Bluewater embraces the relaxed lifestyle of Western Australia. 


A delicious bistro-style shared meal that’s too good to share, a classy & comfortable pub atmosphere, your favourite beers and the best Western Australian wines, all set in the most spectacular location. 


And while your chosen party venue is winning hearts, you already know we have the perfect spot for your next celebration. Take it a notch higher with Fraser’s events style at Fraser’s Events and Catering.  

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