There is no other day in your life when looking your best is of the utmost importance, and, subsequently, deciding to go with one look over another can be quite the stress-fest. 

We’ve already covered the most popular wedding dresses, and wedding makeup trends for 2022 in our previous blog, now let’s dive into the other aspects.  

Whether a bride prefers a natural tone or a more dramatic look, this year’s trends will not disappoint. What’s great about these trends is that you can experiment with and alter each one to your liking. We’ve produced a list of the top bridal beauty trends for 2022 to make your big day even more memorable! 

Of course, we always advise brides to stick to their guns and design a look that reflects their individual style and personality. But if you want to see what’s ‘in’ or just look at some nice pictures, keep scrolling; we’ve got some amazing makeup and wedding hair trends for you.

Glowing skin: A beauty trend that’s here to stay. 

It’s a crucial turning point: For decades, magazines and the beauty industry conditioned women to believe that shine was the enemy and that their primary weapons in the fight against oil were pressed powder, blotting sheets, and mattifying gels. Just a few years ago, the dominant Instagram aesthetic was heavy makeup and contouring, a technique popularised by celebrities that uses shading to give the appearance of sharper cheekbones and more angular features. 

So, how did the dewy, lightweight look become so popular? The Korean Wave and the rise of athleisure are just two of the trends that have collided to persuade women all over the world that they need to glow. 


Enter, 90’s blowout! 

For the last few decades, subtle beauty has been the norm. Blowouts gave way to buns and ‘undone’ hair, crisp lip liner gave way to lip balms (often untinted), and authenticity trumped artifice. (Even if we’re all aware that a casual appearance has nothing to do with how much effort was actually put in.)  

The 90’s blowout is the luxurious hair trend of 2022 that is the polar opposite of casual.

Blush contouring  

It seems that blush was commonly regarded as the least significant makeup step only a few years ago. Bronzed, heavily sculpted skin was becoming increasingly popular, forcing many women to abandon blush entirely. But, like other wedding makeup trends, something that was once considered out of date has returned — maybe even bigger than before.  


This summer, we’ve seen brilliantly coloured, ultra-flushed cheeks everywhere, drawing inspiration from the 1970s and 1980s beauty styles. Blush has become so popular that beauty artists and fans have adopted the blush contour trend with a particularly daring makeup look.

Get yourself a low bun! 

While more recent hair trends are sloppy and undone, the low bun look can also be swept up for an exquisite, regal look or fashioned in the back into a neater or more stylised up do. 

These designs aren’t as extreme as a high up do or ballerina bun because they sit low and generally involve delicate strands framing your face. Still, they give a more professional, elegant look than a hair-down style. 

They’re romantic, soft, and always trendy, and they’re perfect for accentuating your dress’s neckline, some exquisite earrings, or a beautiful neckpiece. 

When constructing a low bun, many hairdressers will backcomb your hair for more volume and structure. 

They’ll pin up your tresses section by section for a messier, undone style. Still, you may alternatively request something sleeker or add braids, twists, rolls, flowers, and hair accessories to add interest and intricacy. 


Bold, sassy and edgy- make your red lipstick your go to. 

While many brides like to look natural and fresh-faced on their wedding day, others prefer to wear a red lip as part of their characteristic style. So why not? Red lips are a timeless look for a reason! There’s nothing like a bright crimson pout to offer confidence and elegance to your everyday appearance or something special for the occasion. 


The most important aspect of selecting red lipstick is finding a shade that complements your skin tone. There is a wide range of reds, each with cool or warm undertones that will appear different on different brides. A pale complexion, for example, benefits from a cool, blue-based red, whereas olive skin benefits from orange tones. Before purchasing red lipstick, please consult with your stylist and always test it first. 


Glitter never harmed anybody! 

Being natural does not preclude you from shining like a princess on your wedding day. The trick is to make you shine subtle while still being effective. Shimmering highlighters complement an illuminating base perfectly. Iridescent highlighter and sparkly eyeshadow will give you a gentle, angelic look that will catch everyone’s attention.  


(Of course, the most pleasing look that you can wear will be that beautiful bridal shine + smile that can only come from saying “I do” the man of your dreams!) 

So, there you have it! 

We hope we’ve assisted, informed and inspired you to find your dream makeup and wedding hair trends for your special day so that you can have your moment on your big day.    

Now that you’ve picked your look, now is the time for you to choose your wedding venue with the best wedding planner in Perth. Fraser’s is here for you! 

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