Second marriages can be really special, it’s a second chance for a lifetime of happiness, it’s a second chance at LOVE!
There might be plenty of reasons behind you getting married for the second time, but the reasons are not important as long as you feel empowered, comfortable and peaceful in love. It’s a special occasion, so make sure you have the time of your life cause it’s your wedding day and it will be however you want it to be!   

Excuse us for getting a bit real here, but for some people it might seem a little daunting to repeat the process all over again. There is a chance that people might express not-so-favourable opinions about your decision. But we’re here to tell you that it’s your wedding, and you’re in charge.  

So, we have listed below a few tips below that will ease your stress and ensure that your second wedding is a huge success!  

Things to keep in mind while planning your second wedding:

  • Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone you invited to your first wedding. 

Relationships change as you get older, and the people who were a part of your life during your first marriage might no longer play a major role in your story. Don’t feel obligated to invite them to your second wedding. COVID has brought a unique opportunity for couples who really want to have a quiet celebration They now have the opportunity to have that ‘just us’ experience in a small wedding setup. If you browse through, you can come across a lot of intimate wedding venues in Perth. 

  • Small weddings have become a new normal! 

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak, intimate weddings have become new normal. While big fat weddings have their own allure, there is something truly unique about hosting an intimate wedding. Intimate weddings give you a lot of freedom and peace of mind. Not only do you save a lot of money, but also it reduces a lot of stress.
However, intimate doesn’t have to be bland and uninspiring. Your wedding should be a memorable celebration, irrespective of its size. 

  • Select a wedding location that matches your vibe!

    A) Wedding in a Heritage-Rich Location
    If you’re really inspired by heritage and traditional /\weddings, consider a heritage-rich location for your intimate wedding in Perth. Look for a heritage-rich location, such as an old palace with a fascinating history. You can even consider a historically significant place for hosting your intimate wedding. It would be small in size but magnificent and superior in its own way.

    B) Wedding in a Restaurant
    How is the idea of getting hitched in the same restaurant or café where you had your first date or you visit every other day? Have you ever thought of it? Well, with a limited number of guests to accommodate, that implausible fantasy can become a reality! While a traditional wedding has its own flavor, the sentiments associated with this location can make the occasion even more special and meaningful.

    C) Garden Wedding
    Have you ever thought of hosting a wedding in a Garden? Yes, a garden wedding! When it comes to outdoor weddings, there is no doubt that a garden is the best option. Garden weddings allow for an infinite number of ceremony and reception ideas.
    Nature can be the best backdrop for such a special occasion, whether you arrange your intimate wedding in your own or a friend’s garden or hire a garden-based venue. Garden weddings make for a whimsical and romantic wedding celebration, with lots of candles, natural scenery, and special seating areas.

    D)Terrace Wedding
    If you wish to host an intimate wedding in style, then the terrace is a perfect location. A terrace immediately conveys a grandiose feeling because of the open air and emptiness surrounding it. The place will feel more relaxed once you reach a higher level. Terrace venue on higher floors will allow you to make more noise at the party without disturbing too many people. Parties on the Terrace will bring your inspired celebrations to life! 


  • Getting married for the second time is different than the first. Remember, it’s your first together! 

Getting married for the second time is one of the boldest steps you can take in your life. But the truth is, a lot wiser, caring, trusting you is available for the taking. Of course, things do get bet better the second time around. 

Life right now looks much different than life at 20. You can use that first-hand experience to build a stronger and more realistic relationship. You know what you want, you are older and more experienced and you know marriage is not all roses. You can own up to your faults and you are better prepared to build a loving, new and wonderful life together.  


Wedding Registry in Perth 

Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life and if you are considering getting married in Perth, Western Australia, then you are sure to create your dream wedding. We are all unique individuals and we all have our own image of what will make our wedding day special. Living in Australia, and in particular, in Perth, you’re blessed with beauty around you that will definitely add to the charm of your special day. 

Getting married in Perth means that you have a plethora of outdoor wedding venues to choose from, as well as options for a Wedding Registry Perth Office, and other wedding reception venues such as wineries, waterfront venues or Fraser’s wedding venues. 


Weddings with Fraser’s 

At Fraser’s Events & Catering, we are inspired by love. It is our goal to always create unforgettable wedding experiences that ignite your imagination. From an intimate wedding in Perth to a spectacular outdoor wedding reception, we have a choice of private function rooms and larger wedding venue spaces, set in spectacular locations across WA, allowing you to bring your dream wedding experience to life with Fraser’s wedding venues. 

Whether you are dreaming of a large wedding function space or an intimate reception venue by the water, Fraser’s incredible Wedding Coordinator is on hand and ready to help bring your dream wedding to life. 

All Fraser’s small wedding venues and small wedding reception venues in Perth spaces feature breathtaking views of Kings Park and Perth’s shimmering cityscape, creating the most magical backdrop for your special day. Combine that with only the highest quality food and beverage and an impeccable level of service and we will create a day you only thought possible in your dreams. 



Fraser’s wedding venues 

Fraser’s Kings Park 
Fraser’s offers a refined and opulent wedding venue nestled high above the trees overlooking the sparkling lights of Perth City. 

Bluewater Functions 
For a touch of rustic charm, Bluewater Functions is a heritage listed building with a red brick exterior, dark wood décor and white trimmings, offering couples a fun and distinctive reception and wedding venue in Perth. 

At Fraser’s Events & Catering, we have a wedding and reception venue for everyone. You can contact the Wedding Coordinator to organise an exclusive viewing of any one of our wedding and reception venues or for more information on the wedding packages. 

No matter what venue you choose, it is important to remember that it is your wedding and no matter what people say, it is your life. So, the only thing that you need to keep in mind is to have fun and make memories that will make you smile even years later! 

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