Does it spark joy?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself if you are planning or are about to plan the minimal wedding of your dreams.

Why minimal weddings?  

Well, weddings constantly don’t have to be a big celebration, oozing with grandeur, flaunting expensive designs. When it comes to weddings, sometimes, ‘less is more is a good idea. The new minimalist modern wedding is definitely an alternative to the traditional ceremonies which tend to become noisy and cluttered and confusing with so much going on. 

The modern minimalist wedding is gaining popularity these days and with good reason. With many duos wanting modern minimalist wedding plans, no doubt it’s a notable trend. Modern minimalism is about removing the clutter. It is deciding what is necessary and what is not. This trend is becoming more common as couples now have an uncomplicated and clearer viewpoint. 

Plan minimalist and modern weddings with Fraser's events and catering

All of us know how herculean of a task it is to organize a wedding. It gets maddening to achieve perfection amidst all of the chaos. For this purpose, many couples have now started to embrace minimalism. But is a small wedding the perfect choice for you? 

Let us uncomplicate this idea for you in the following points: 


There is Beauty in Simplicity 

When selecting a venue, it’s natural to think you need magnificent lights and extravagant, beautiful wedding venues Perth décor (Pinterest, we’re looking at you!). Although the decor and the lights are imperative, a modern minimalist marriage uses these things. But the decor should not drive off your guests’ attention from something they arrived for a minimalist. However, a minimalist look gives the set more meaning than killing the details. 


You can enjoy the planning and shoo the stress. 

Many couples want a moderate minimalist wedding to dodge the burden of organizing a big fat wedding. Planning a wedding is sufficiently stressful; even if you hire an expert wedding planner, you still have to do a lot of thinking and decision-making. For example, you will have to deal with everything, from planning your guest list and choosing the venue to organizing everything with the restaurants and catering. Whereas, it is easy to make decisions by having small wedding venues easy and straightforward. 

Also, going the minimalistic way for your wedding will ensure you have a smooth planning journey. The planning does not feel like a task with a small, modest wedding in mind. You can personalize an intimate get together with those you want to share special moments with. 

You can focus on what is relevant. 

When you have a few things to worry about, you have less distraction, which would allow you to focus more on what (or who) is essential. Before you start any planning, make a mental list of crucial things about your relationship with your companion. Hold on to it and come back when it gets a bit confusing and stressful.  

Treasure that happiness because it would not come from the act of the wedding celebration but from the souls there to witness the environment you create. This means you can save yourself from stress and concentrate on what’s essential. 


Keeps your expenses in check 

Some couples reported that the wedding became more of an overpriced show than a party of love. Instead of concentrating on a meaningful celebration, the guests recognise nothing besides the magnificent decor. 

Sadly, some find more to criticize than focus on the divine union. Some duos feel compelled to please their families and inmates by spending on fancy décor and lavish displays rather than appreciating their special day. 

This is not the case in a modern minimalist wedding because minimalism means reflecting on what’s indispensable for you; it gives you more control over the situation. Now, you can plan a meaningful celebration without costing more than you can stand. You also make it more personal by spending it with people who mean something to you—having everything mild will help you keep the money for other crucial aspects. 


Do you think you need a minimalist wedding? 

If the idea of over-the-top organisation makes you want to run away, we urge you to use the “less is more” strategy. The idea of modern minimalism weddings has precisely hit the wedding style picture, so after years of tulle, silk, and elegant tablescapes, this inclination towards simplicity couldn’t be more refreshing. 

We at Fraser’s believe in minimalism as a smooth exit from the confusion and clutter. It is about dropping the ruffles and being very deliberate about what and who you want to be part of your special day. In reality, a minimalist wedding should only involve the things that spark joy. VERY IMPORTANT POINT!  

Are you looking for wedding venues near you? We got you! 

At Fraser’s Catering & Events, we are inspired by love. Our goal is always to make unforgettable wedding experiences that give way to your imagination. From an exclusive intimate wedding celebration to an outstanding outdoor wedding reception, we have for you, a choice of private function rooms and larger wedding venue spaces setup in stunning locations across WA, allowing you to bring your dream wedding experience to life. 

Whether you are dreaming of an ample wedding function space or an intimate reception Fraser’s venue by the water, our incredible Wedding Coordinator is on hand and ready to help bring your dream wedding to life. 

All our wedding venues and reception spaces feature breathtaking views of Kings Park and Perth’s shimmering cityscape, creating the most magical backdrop for your special day. Combine that with only the highest quality food and beverage and an impeccable level of service from Fraser’s restaurant, and we will create a day you only thought possible in your dreams. 

Let’s strive for happy, healthy, wholesome unions where we create memories rather than undesirable evaluations, bills and financial losses, shall we? 

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