Nothing can be more exciting yet terrifying than planning a wedding. 

The era of COVID and Perth weddings. Not really a hearty combination in the recent past. Every story, however, has a positive aspect. The pandemic really ushered in a significant shift in perspective by speeding up the process. It made us believe that we should create our traditions, dumping all those traditions that made no sense, eating good food, dancing to our favourite tunes, creating our own fashion statement, and of course, the rituals. Elegant dresses, floral arrangements, theme decor, and a stunning venue just to make your day. In fact, it helped us understand celebrating love comes with no guidelines!  

But what’s the plan?  

Keep your wedding unique to your style and create the perfect blend of classic and contemporary trends this year. In short, make your special day truly memorable. 

1.Floral Trends 

Wedding flowers have always been a key styling feature, but in 2022 we can expect vibrant bouquets and beautiful arrangements brimming with flowers. This is your year to choose beautiful and bold colours, be it blue or hot red!  

Palettes of soft colours 

What will be the most popular palette for bouquets and wedding décor in 2022? Soft pastels, of course. Whether it’s lilac, lavender or rosé, pastels are in.  

Colour contrasts 

In contrast, there is an increase in vibrant, contrasting colours. With tangerine and hydrangea blue tones combined with neutrals, it brings a vibrant and joyous feel to the wedding, all in one place! 

Indigenous Australian Flora 

Since last year, more and more people have discovered the beauty of Australia’s nature. It has developed a greater appreciation for our local wildlife. Our nature’s diverse and beautiful splendour inspires us to appreciate the blessing, making it a unique wedding floral choice!


2. Fashion trends 

Stick to the trend but create your own statement!  

Styles inspired by the ’60s 

Whether it’s chic designs, silky fabrics, or a stunning satin dress, vintage style is so in. Since elopements and destination weddings stand out as recent Perth wedding trends, modern interpretations of ’60s-inspired fashion are constantly in style.  

The art of draping 

As a continuation of the cool bride that began to emerge last year, 2022 emphasises creative and artistic draping. And using simple fabrics is the key to this look. However, if you’re looking to create your own take on this trend, you can add a bold beauty look with statement accessories.

3. Food Trends 

Looking at wedding cakes in 2022, we see that it’s no more just about the flavour of the cake; it’s all about sharing memories. Like choosing cake flavours that they really like, rather than just picking things from a menu. It can be the flavours associated with the first time you met your loved one, childhood memories, or your honeymoon destination!  

What about the wedding menu?  

As a result of the lockdown, a lot of people have changed their eating habits. And if you are a meat-eater, seasonal and local is the way to go. 

 Furthermore, outdoor weddings are growing in popularity, which means that food can be served in non-traditional ways rather than using traditional catering options. From funky food trucks to local caterers, creative food options are here to seize the day! 

4. Venue Trends  

Having a small and intimate marriage was normal even before lockdowns. But as wedding guest numbers can be restricted this year too, there will be a rise in micro-weddings. Nonetheless, this does not mean you can’t have a dream wedding; instead, it is a great way to celebrate in locations that would usually be impossible with a large guest list. 

Mediterranean city venue 

Since Australia is ready to welcome guests again in 2022, we are ready to see wedding rituals on beautiful beaches. Moreover, if you are looking for some adventurous memory, this year can be the perfect time to explore the less explored!  

Australian countryside 

We wouldn’t want to give up on our roots ever. Right? This is timeless, too. Because celebrating and making the big day in your homeland wedding venues has its own unique essence.  

Or just pick Fraser’s wedding venue because who wants to miss out on the best?


5. Décor Trends 

There is no doubt about it: smaller, more intimate weddings are here to stay, even if you can invite more than just a few guests. But going elegant doesn’t require an invitation!   

Homely decor 

Weddings in 2022 will be characterised by an intimate family setting. This will be reflected in the luxurious touches at the tables and the elegant family-style dining.  

Sustainable production 

With the growing trend of seasonal and homegrown produce, local, sustainable production is being recognised for decor too!  

Nothing but love trends every year. Each year, from food to fashion, wedding styles may keep changing but what remains constant is how you envision your big day. 

Wouldn’t it be great to let Fraser’s team come together to give you the best wedding day experience? 

With an innate eye for style and matching the season’s trend Fraser’s Events & Catering believes in creating fairy tales lasting a lifetime. We have a team of experienced event managers and wedding professionals eager to help you plan your special day. Plus, flood you with wedding reception ideas too!  

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