One of the most exhilarating moments for any bride-to-be is looking for the perfect wedding dress and the bridemaids dresses. After all, your wedding outfit is a big deal. It’s an outfit you’ll be wearing just once, for the most memorable day of your life, seized in photos to remember forever. So, no pressure, but you must find one you truly love from the best wedding shops! 

We know that deciding on a dress is a top priority for any bride, but knowing where to start your search can be overwhelming. The most fantastic news is that we have some really incredible designs ideas to choose from here in Australia to find “the one that is yours”. 

Let us be a part of something you will cherish for a lifetime. So, without any further ado, here are currently the best types of bridal gowns. 

Channelise your inner Cinderella! 

As classic as the fairy tales they originate from, ballgowns will never go out of fashion, making the most extraordinary show-stopper wedding gown. Created in the 1950s, the ballgown wedding silhouette – with its slim waist and colossal skirt should be your go-to Cinderella fantasy. You can get it from some amazing wedding shops or bridal shops in Australia. 


Just because you’re the fearless, free-spirited bride. 

If you are a free-spirited girl who majorly loves to take her life as it is and live it on your own terms, the wrap-around dress featuring a bold V-shaped neckline made explicitly from elegant and glossy satin is for you at your nearest bridal shops. The vast gathers and high leg slit give an ideal opportunity to embrace and flaunt your bold side. 


The Ariel wedding dress for you. 

A mermaid wedding dress is a dress that many brides love. When the dress is form-fitted to the body until your mid-thigh (or lower), it flares out, like a mermaid tail. 

The dress will be a fin-tastic design to pay tribute to our favourite little mermaid, Ariel. 

The soft tulle and organza waves mock the beautiful ocean waves, which will help the trail of the dress to gently and elegantly follow the bride when she’s walking down the aisle. 

Trust us, you might not know, but a mermaid wedding dress might be the right dress for you. Give it a try. 


Do you want your dress to be sassy? 

If you feel traditional dresses aren’t for you, then there is something you might be able to take your eyes off! Get the fashionista in you out and increase the temperature with a seductive gown—the divinely gorgeous dress featuring a stunning sheath silhouette with a corset structured bodice and elegantly made scoop neckline. It is just perfect for a subtle flaunting of your sass. There’s no better feeling than finding your dream dress, but finding your dream dress twice? Yes, it’s possible! The “can’t-take-my-eyes-off” gown can have a detachable overskirt and therefore creates two looks for two events – the wedding and the party after that. Girl, we got you, even if you’re looking for bridemaids dresses! 


Lace wedding dress 

Whether you’re in for a bohemian, classic, or vintage wedding gown, a lace wedding dress is genuinely magical in giving your wedding dress the right amount of detail and embellishment.  

There is definitely the perfect lace gown for any bride, from lace long-sleeved wedding dresses to fitted lace bodices on wedding dresses.  

Evoking romantic aesthetics, lace wedding dresses are often chosen by celebrity brides as well! Some of the most famous gowns, such as Grace Kelly’s or Kate Middleton’s iconic gowns, are lace wedding dresses. 


Opt for a clean vibe. 

Many brides turned to clean and classic styles with intimate weddings, elopements (yeah *chuckles*), and courthouse weddings becoming more popular in 2022! Clean gowns not only make their statement with the simplicity and elegance they bring, but they offer limitless options when it comes to accessorising from your veil to your jewellery. 


Long sleeve wedding dress 

For the bride-to-be who prefers a more modern, structured look, a long sleeve wedding dress is a trend to embrace immediately. Did you know? Brides are now straying from tradition by adding a bit of colour to their wedding dresses, including even black wedding dresses with full sleeves? 

Long sleeve wedding dresses are ideal for brides in spring, fall, and winter weddings. Pair long lace sleeves with a Ball Gown or A-line silhouette for that perfect princess wedding dress or a subtle Mermaid or Sheath silhouette for that more understated look. 


There’s something mesmerising about the floral dresses. 

Whether you’re planning a rustic, modern, or minimalist wedding, there will always be this one detail that cannot be left out – flowers.  

Of all the floral wedding details we love, the ones in the wedding dresses are our favourite. Floral designs offer an extra-feminine look. And, if they are made with lace, the flower-patterned designs give a vintage and up-to-the-minute look.  

They have different silhouettes (mermaid and ball gown style), different necklines (sweetheart neckline, V-neckline, and off-the-shoulder neckline), and different lengths (court train and chapel train). All three are breathtaking and eye-catching, and what is more common is the elegant floral details on each. 

There you have it, your oh-so-perfect mix of flirty and floral! 


We hope we’ve assisted, informed and inspired you to find your dream wedding dress so you can be the perfect bridal princess on your big day.  

Now that you’ve picked your dress, now is the time for you to pick your wedding venue. Fraser’s is here for you! 

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