Winter weddings have a charm of their own. Weddings in the winter-laced air has a certain elegance, and for guests, the experience is refreshing outside of the standard wedding season. Not only will your winter wedding dress and the cosy winter accessories complete your beautiful fairy-tale but the flowers and greenery will fit perfectly with the decor!  

While winter weddings aren’t as popular as other seasons, they sure are a bit underrated. Couples tend to favour spring weddings, late summer or fall ceremonies because it is obvious to be concerned about the effects of cold weather on their nuptials. Nonetheless, let us reveal a bit of a secret: It’s your wedding and the winter sun will be shining on your glowing face!  

Full of pleasure and promises, an amazing winter wedding in Perth has tons of benefits to offer.  

Getting married in the winter can give you a lot of benefits, from stress-free weather, best venue for winter weddings to beautiful venue decorations. On your anniversary morning every year, you get to reminisce about your beautiful winter wedding while still cozying up inside your blanket. 


Here’s why you should tell your fiancée ‘I do’ with a winter wedding: 

  • During winter, weddings are often stress-free and venues are less likely to be compromised due to weather conditions. Usually, the locations and vendors are in demand and more expensive in the summer, while these same vendors and locations are cheaper in the winter. In fact, your coordinators get to devote more time to your big day because they are comparatively not very busy.   


  • Remember your dream wedding venue? And the caterer who was always your first choice for your big day? It’s available to you now! Since winter weddings are so rare, not only do many vendors offer lower rates, but they may also be able to accommodate your schedule at a time that’s more convenient for you. Also, travel and accommodation options are more affordable during the winter months for guests attending winter weddings. Some hotels and agencies offer winter specials for couples, making it easier for them. 


  • You can save a lot of money by having a winter wedding. This will allow you to either save for your honeymoon or re-invest in other wedding items, such as decor, music or accessories. Getting more for less – another advantage of a winter wedding! 


  • When it comes to winter weddings, you’re blessed with beautiful weather. It is no secret that winter weather will keep your gorgeous look safe! The cold ambience and snow will add to your absolute stunning photoshoot. With a party inside and a chill day outside, you and your guests will give them a sense of togetherness too. Furthermore, the season adds its uniqueness to any event- the fusion of winter colours, stunning lights and natural decor make for beautiful memories. Be it the holiday lights literally everywhere or the bright colours all around, that is just another reason why your photographs will be out-of-this-world.  


  • It gives you the flexibility to design your wedding based on your taste. A winter wedding can give you a sophisticated ambience with vibrant colours, and, at the same time, elegant attire that keeps your fashion game up. Adding light variations to your wedding venue will give it a unique character. From distinct lights on the ceiling to scented candles, you have got so much to experiment with.   


  • Winter weddings give you a lot of choices in wedding dresses. Don’t you think so? In fact, the wedding stylists in Perth can help you choose the perfect wedding dress for you. A winter wedding indeed offers a great selection of dresses, whether it is a sleeved dress or a strapless dress with stunning accessories. 


  • COVID sure has taken a toll on us, but travelling and staying in hotels have always been cheaper during winter. Getting a discount on a block of hotel rooms is easier. Now is a good time to grab a winter bargain on flights because airfares are at an all-time low. You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity.  


  • Let’s face this- it can be exhausting! To attend weddings all summer long and craving a break. As your winter event is likely the only one they’ll attend, your guests will be in great spirits. It is more likely that your closest and dearest will attend a wedding at a colder time of year.  


  • Choosing a wedding theme and colour can be challenging for the couple, given the fact that spring or fall brings so many colours and decor options with it. While people usually want to incorporate specific themes in their wedding, winter weddings are naturally beautiful enough to not cover the extra mile. Everything will probably match the season, including decor and accessories. 


  • With mulled wine, lamb BBQ or steak, your winter wedding reception will be a memorable event. Typically, summer dinners are light; however, winter classics such as chocolate pudding, roast meats, and delicious desserts will delight your guests this season. They sure are going to leave with a wide smile!  

 A winter wedding Perth exudes sophistication and glamour. They are all about beautiful dresses, blushed cheeks, holiday lights, and delicious food and a heart-warming gesture!  

Paint your winter fairy-tale just how you want it to be.

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