Veganism is one of the growing food trends that focuses entirely on the welfare of animals and the betterment of our planet. Opting for a plant-based diet is good for our bodies, too, as they are easy to digest and are packed with all the required nutrients. But if you’re a vegan, you know the struggles. People are often unaware of your food habits and which foods you consider in a healthy vegan diet. The actual battle begins when you try to eat out in a restaurant. Plant-based food doesn’t contain dairy products, which is where the confusion starts. Ordering a risotto or a pasta dish without any dairy products is a bit of a challenge. But nowadays, with growing awareness, restaurants have begun focusing on veganism by maintaining a separate menu for vegans that contains a list of trending foods free of animal and dairy products. Many people have made the switch to a vegan diet, and this is because they have seen that it is better for their health and also for the animals and planet. You can find plenty of restaurants in Perth city that offer vegan options on their menus, including Fraser’s Restaurant.  

So, if you plan to dine out, before considering any vegan restaurants in Perth city, we suggest you try Fraser’s first. They have not only a separate vegan menu but also food for every people. Hence, it’s easier to hang out with non-vegan friends and families. The restaurant also has a massive collection of wines, with over 100 options, perfect for any celebration. With breathtaking views of nature and the beautiful Perth city surrounding our restaurants makes it a treat for your eyes and mouth too. Our carefully selected destinations offer the perfect setup for grand celebrations or intimate parties. The best part is we have a separate menu for your event celebrations with customisable options. Our extensive menu can accommodate all your events, and it is easy to find something everyone will like from our carefully curated menu. 


Trending vegan foods to try in 2023 

So, let’s jump on to the vegan foods that will be trending in 2023. Psst! We forgot to mention a secret; our menu already has all the trending plant-based diet recipes for you to relish this New Year. 

First, we will start with appetisers or snacks, also known as entrees. They are a perfect start to every meal and a great accompaniment with wines or cocktails. If you are not a drinker, these appetisers can shush your hunger until the main course arrives.  

  1. Salted Pistachios  
  1. Roast Spiced Almonds  
  1. Foccacia (marinated olives, hummus, zaatar) 
  1. Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta  
  1. Sautéed Mushroom Bruchetta  
  1. Rocket & Pear Salad (with chardonnay vinegar dressing)  
  1. Chargrilled Baby Carrots (with sesame paste and gremolata) 

Well, enough appetisers. Now, it’s time for the main course to appear. But before you proceed, let us warn you about our serving size. We serve enormous portions for our main course, thus, making it a perfect choice to share or satiate your massive hunger. 

  1. Chickpea Falafel (with chargrilled carrot, carrot puree, fennel salad, and tahini sauce)  
  1. Mushroom and Leek Risotto (with sauteed swiss brown mushroom)  
  1. Tempura Vegetables (sweet soy sesame, avocado wasabi) 

Hey, don’t forget the side dishes. They always play an essential role in enhancing the flavour of every food with each bite. 

  1. Seasonal Greens (with evoo, sea salt)  
  1. Crispy Fried Onions (with herb sea salt)  
  1. Handcut chips (with sea salt)  
  1. Triple Cooked Potatoes (with garlic, lemon and parsley) 

Lastly, the show’s topper, “desserts.” Who doesn’t love a sweet ending? But vegans always find it challenging to have dairy-free desserts. Owing to this problem, we have created a separate dessert menu so that vegans with a sweet tooth can enjoy it too. By the way, we have dessert wines too. 

  1. Caramelised Banana (with granola and raspberry sorbet) 
  1. Assorted Sorbets (please ask our staff members for the list of our decadent sorbets) 
  1. Vasse Felix Cane Cut 2020 – Margaret River WA (dessert wine) 
  1. Juniper Botrytis Riesling 2019 – Margaret River WA (dessert wine) 


Our vision at Fraser’s 


 We believe that vegan food can change lives, so we are committed to serving good food to our customers. We wish them to live healthier and happier lives by providing delicious vegan meals full of nutrients. It is something that we take very seriously. We want our customers to get the best vegan food in Perth, and we take great pride in our dishes. Our chefs are professionally trained to cook vegan food, so they know all the procedures to prepare your meal. So that you get whatever you wish to eat! We have been serving customers high-quality foods for many years, and we know how to make everyone happy with their meal. We have a wide range of vegan dishes on our menu, so you can choose whatever you like. Try one of our salads or pasta if you want something light and healthy. They are great options if you want something simple but delicious. 

In one of the most breathtaking sceneries in the state, Fraser’s highlights the best of Western Australia’s cuisine, wine, and other event management services. The ideal setting for a celebration, a meal, and the making of lifelong memories is here. Thus, if you are looking for the best vegan restaurant, you should try Fraser’s. The restaurant has a modern and elegant feel, a great ambience, and excellent service. Our restaurant staffs are amicable and accommodating and will help you pick the best option for your meal. With a diverse menu of mouthwatering eats, you will find plenty of vegan options too. You can try their breakfast, lunch or dinner menus with foods prepared from fresh ingredients and delicious to eat. You can enjoy the best vegan food in Perth at Fraser’s restaurant. We are proud to say that we serve some of the best dishes in town. Also, we will ensure that you have a wonderful experience here, and it is a great place to go if you are looking for something romantic or want to have an intimate dinner with friends and families. 

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