Planning a dream wedding can be daunting, especially if it’s your first experience with all the planning and arrangements. The prices of the needed items — venue, food, gifts, dresses, decorations, transport, and many more — are high. The number of guests you invite to share that special day adds up quickly too.   

Then, once your wedding day arrives, even more stress is involved. Amongst this, figuring out and sticking to a wedding budget can be tricky. Planning a dream wedding on a budget is possible with a little more effort. Here are specific techniques to keep the wedding budget on track without compromising the decorum and extravagance of the wedding. After all, it’s your big day.   


Here are some of my favorite tips for planning your wedding in a budget-friendly way. Finally, you can plan your dream wedding without blowing it off.   


Set a budget for the overall wedding expenses, starting from the florist, wedding dress, cake, photography, venue, food & drinks. Plan it with your partner and parents and decide how much per cent will go up for each service. For someone, wedding dress and food may be essential aspects, but for others, they may differ. So, plan in prior before making the wedding purchase. Also, negotiate with the wedding vendors to get the best budget for each of your services—prior planning and tracking them while spending will be helpful in wedding planning.   


A significant part of planning a wedding is making a proper guest list. If you’re very concerned about having a small wedding, invite only the people who are important and close to you. If else, invite the people who will be happy with you getting married. Your friends, family, well-wishers and dear ones will want to see you getting married to the love of your life. So, planning the guest list is a prime aspect of the other things linked to it.   


Choosing the wedding venue is the most significant task as you must find a place according to the guest list. If you are planning an intimate wedding, consider our Fraser’s events & Catering center in Perth, which has three different venues to accommodate your guest list, along with the catering service.  

For details about the best wedding venues in Perth, please take a look at our Fraser’s Event and catering to know more about the venue.   

After deciding on the venue, fix your wedding date, as venues get booked quickly. 

Having a destination wedding will help cut down your wedding budget, as there will be no expense for a florist, decorations, and wedding venue. Since it’s a destination wedding, the guest list also might get shrunk, as people may not travel far. All you must take care of are only catering and transportation services. So, consider having a destination wedding and enjoy your big day!  


Wanting a minimalistic wedding with a simple décor may be the best way for the wedding event. Talk to the florist and try getting their best ideas within your budget for affordable wedding décor. Such vendors may come up with creative ideas for a simple & at the same time, ethereal feel for the wedding.   


A few things at the wedding celebration, like drinks, wedding cake, music & DJ, may still need to be laid off. Consider these aspects and get them booked from vendors who match your budget. Speak up frankly to such vendors about your budget and negotiate with them. While preparing the wedding lists & budget, include these must–needed ones and try to tick them off.   


Prepare an e-Invite wedding card with a graphic designer’s help, or if you’re a pro at it, you can very well design your wedding invite. Team up with your partner & design your wedding card to your interest.   

Do mail the wedding invites rather than printing them and sending them to your guests. This alternative can trim your budget and, at the same time, save up your budget so that you can spend it on some other services.   


Most of the wedding budget goes up for the venue & food. So, organise and plan the wedding meal along with the vendor. If trying to keep it simple, at the same time, having a hearty meal is essential. Serving the guests, the proper food is an important one.   

Check out our Frazer’s Events & Caterers for your wedding in Perth & get in touch with us for more details.    


Finally, stay organised with all your wedding preparations and do not stress yourself amidst all the preparations. Do take the needed rest & plan for your wedding. Also, assign another family member to take care of all the wedding preps in case you get busy with other work.  


With plenty of dedication and the right approach, you can plan your dream wedding within the budget without cutting costs for your big day. There are thousands of ways to cut costs, but it will come down to hard work and sacrifice if you want to make it happen.   

Fraser’s Events can help make it a reality! With our expert guidance and unique event spaces, you can have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank.  

So why wait? Contact us today to start planning your special day! 

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