The best aspect of a holiday season is the joyful family get-togethers, heavenly dinner parties, and fun holiday gatherings. However, let’s admit while you make every attempt to throw a memorable party, it can still take on a lot of your emotional, physical and spiritual stress, if you aren’t careful.  But don’t worry; we are here with top tips to help you prep for a holiday party without getting overwhelmed. After all, if you are throwing a holiday party, you should be able to enjoy it too! 


At Fraser’s, we have a wide range of options that suit the party you want to throw. For instance, if you want to enjoy the weather and host a beautiful party outdoors, check out our Fraser’s Events and Catering venue, which is perfect for hosting a day party or a quiet family dinner.  Moreover, you can also explore our event catering for external events. Contact our skilled team if you need any planning to host or cater for the holiday party. 

Consider a few points to ensure everything goes planned when planning to host a holiday party. We have compiled a checklist for hosting a successful party that might come in handy:   

Create a to-do list 

Did you forget to check the ice box? What was the seating arrangement again? Well, you no longer have to ask these questions with a party to-do checklist. The first step in hosting a holiday party is to start by creating a plan of action. Making lists can help you remember everything you need for the party and give you a sense of progress as you tick off the things on the list. To prepare for your party, choose a theme, set a budget, send out invitations, clean your home, plan the menu, and more.  

When making plans, consider what you can manage and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from family and friends. After all, the idea is to have a cheerful gathering, and what could be better than working together? 

Choose a Theme 

Choose an exciting holiday party theme that creates a cohesive atmosphere. A classic theme like “Winter Wonderland” can provide a cozy and traditional feel with red, green, and gold colours and holiday symbols. A unique theme like “Ugly Sweater” or “Holiday Masquerade” allows for more creativity in decorations and centrepieces. Once you have chosen a theme, it can help guide your decorations, centrepieces, and music and even inspire food choices.  

Do the right Invites  

Decide the number of guests you want to invite and create a guest list when planning a holiday party. The size of your party space will determine how many people you can comfortably accommodate—considering factors like seating, food, and drink services. Also, it is advisable to carefully consider the guest list to ensure a good mix of old and new friends. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, remain calm and make the best of the situation without adding any potential drama, as the main objective of the gathering is to enjoy oneself. Additionally, a smaller group can offer a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. Make sure to send out the invite in advance for your guest to plan & attend.  

Menu Planning  

Don’t stress about portions! To ensure your guests can savour everything on your holiday buffet, plan for 10-15% more food than usual. And as a thoughtful host, consider dietary restrictions and offer vegetarian and gluten-free options. Not only will your guests appreciate your consideration, but you’ll also showcase your culinary expertise with a menu that caters to everyone on a holiday dinner. So, make those portions perfect and impress your guests with a feast they will remember! And while you do that, be mindful about serving smart and cutting down on food waste! 

Check out Fraser’s events and catering if you plan to get food from the caterer.  

We indulge in external catering services that cater to your every preference. Just sit back and enjoy the moment with your guests while we take care of the food and service to your doorstep.  

Prepare your Home  

If you plan to host the party at your place, the place must be clean and organised before your guests arrive. Prepare the party space by setting up any necessary tables and chairs and arranging decorations to create a festive atmosphere. If it is an indoor party you plan to host, check the lighting to ensure it’s suitable for the occasion. These preparations will help create a welcoming environment for your guests and ensure the party runs smoothly. 

Create a Good vibe 

Creating a good vibe at your holiday party starts with your attitude. Be positive, welcoming, and engaging with your guests. Play upbeat music, have plenty of drinks and snacks, and encourage mingling. Consider starting with an icebreaker game or activity to get everyone comfortable and interacting with each other. As the host, circulate and introduce guests to each other to encourage conversation. And most importantly, have fun while you host.  

What’s a party without drinks?  

No party is complete without a well-stocked bar, so channel your inner bartender and get creative with your drink menu! Whether you’re serving up seasonal cocktails or keeping it classic with beer and wine, make sure to set up a designated area for your bar. And remember to include plenty of options for your non-alcoholic friends because a holiday drink party without options is like a sandwich without bread.  

Clean Up  

Hiring a cleaning crew during the party can be helpful if it’s within your budget. Otherwise, clean gradually throughout the evening to avoid a huge mess at the end. Enlist help from a partner, friend or family member. Keep garbage and recycling cans nearby so guests can toss empty plates and cans into the bin. Opt for dishwasher-safe dishes or disposable plates. At the end of the party, the most important thing is that everyone enjoyed themselves, including you, and not being a clean-up patrol for hours.  


A happy holiday party should keep your guests and your event running smoothly. Hopefully, these tips will help you plan for a stress-free, fun gathering, and once the holidays are over, all you’ll be left with is the pleasant memories of a great time shared with friends and family. 


  1. What are tips for hosting a holiday party?  
  • Hosting a holiday party is exciting but has lots of work.  
  • Create a to-do list 
  • Choose the theme for the party 
  • Do the guests list & send out invites  
  • Planning the food  
  • Arrange a venue or prepare the home for the party  
  • Set up a drinks table  
  • Take care of the cleaning part  
  • And finally, be a good host and create a good vibe at the party 

With these tips hosting a party will be more manageable and fun.  

  1. What not to do at a holiday party  
  • Forgetting to RSVP  
  • Being the first to arrive  
  • Gossiping  
  • Staring at the phone other than mingling with people  
  • Ignoring the dress code  
  • Skipping the buffet  
  • Bringing a plus one without prior info 
  • Messing around by over-drinking  

These are the few things you should avoid at a fun holiday party. 


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