It’s time to plan for a party. Yes, you heard it right. It’s time for a rocking nothing-so-special bash. Because partying with your friends and family doesn’t always require any reason or a particular date. It’s like a typical meet-up accompanied by food platters, drinks, music and much more fun. But it is for sure that “Food” is the centre of the whole world when it comes to parties and events. Hence, fixing a party menu requires extra attention and patience. Firstly, inquire about the food habits of people on your guest list, especially those with specific allergies or intolerances. Based on that, fix up a well-suited party platter for everyone. But before you fix your party menu, we have some incredible platter ideas that are flavorful, unique and amazingly delicious. 

Ideas to incorporate into your party platter 

A party platter is just another word for a cheese board or a charcuterie board, whatever you call it. The important thing is what to incorporate in that food platter that will amaze the guests and also satiate their hunger.  

Remember, the key to a successful party is the array of finger foods displayed that the guests can enjoy while chatting or holding a glass of wine. Keeping all these things in mind, we at Fraser’s events have curated different platter ideas that you can include in any party or event. Our events and catering services are specially designed to arrange wedding parties, private parties or any casual occasions, along with customisable menu options and decorations. So, before you book an event catering in Perth for your next party, it’s time to hop on the list of party platter ideas to make your nothing-so-special party into a killer one with lots of satisfying burps.  

  1. Simple Cheese Board– A good cheese board contains approximately 4-5 different types of cheese. To please everyone, you’ll need an assortment of cheeses with varying textures, colours, and flavours. Cheeses like mozzarella or goat cheese for soft cheese, smoked cheese, blue cheese such as gorgonzola, and hard cheese such as manchego. Then crackers for the crunch. It is the second most vital component. Poppy-seed crackers and graham crackers are excellent choices for cheese board crackers. Now comes the Dip. Delicious dips are essential for a good charcuterie board. Our top choices are chickpea or beetroot hummus, pesto, roasted red pepper or edamame hummus or simply a delicious baba ganoush. The add-ons include nuts, fresh or dried fruit, marmalade, chutney, and olives. If you want to turn your cheese board into a meat platter, then including cured meats can be an ideal option. And if you want to go a little over the budget, then slicing up some Iberico Ham is the way to go.  
  1. Prosciutto Wrapped Melon and Basil Cheese Board– Impress your guests with this unique tasting party board! Prosciutto-wrapped melon with basil served on a simple gluten-free cheese board with gluten-free crackers and nuts. It’s ideal for your next party or event where your guests have a gluten allergy or are just on a low-carb diet.  
  1. Ultimate Greek Meze Platter – This Ultimate Greek Meze Platter is sure to wow your guests! With the addition of traditional Greek spreads, veggies, and loads of pita bread, this board becomes a crowd favourite for parties. 
  1. Lox Appetizer Platter– Create an eye-catching Lox Appetizer Platter with lox Greek yoghurt dip, bagel bites, and juicy lox & cucumber bites. It will be the centre of attention at any party!  
  1. Platter Extraordinaire (Fruit version) – Fresh fruit platters don’t have to be lifeless and dull. There are numerous ways to make them stand out and invoke those “Omg” moments! And with our attention-grabbing presentation, an ordinary fruit platter can transform into a piece of art. 
  1. Summer BBQ Charcuterie and Spicy Skewers– This party platter with a fun assortment of steak, shrimp, cheeses, and crackers will disappear in minutes. And you can change it however you want! Since it’s a BBQ platter, grilled corn and salads make a great addition. If you don’t like shrimp, substitute it with roasted veggie skewers or if you don’t like steak, try BBQ chicken or succulent lamb chops instead. 
  1. Vegetarian Mezze Platter – Enjoy the flavours of the Mediterranean with this colourful vegetarian mezze platter. Mezze is a term for small dishes, similar to tapas. A vegetarian mezze platter will typically include a variety of dips, salads, and bread. It includes falafel, chips, veggie sticks, cheese, olives, and figs. This platter consists of roasted red pepper dip and chickpea hummus. The pepper dip is spicy, while the hummus is creamy. Hence, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just looking for something light, this is sure to please. 
  1. Sweet and Salty Snack Board – The perfect snack platter to enjoy with a glass of wine that consists of assorted nuts, dried berries, fresh fruits, candies, chips, cheese nibbles, pretzels and all the things you like. 
  1. Dessert Charcuterie Board – Already done with your cheese board? Then it’s time for some desserts. Well, not just ice cream, though. A specialised dessert board with chocolate sauce, cookies, chocolate cigars, candied oranges and many more. Always remember, when it comes to the planning of a charcuterie or a grazing board, the sky’s the limit. 
  1. Chocolate Fondue Platter with Dippers – This platter is a chocolate lover’s paradise with all sorts of cookies, pretzels, marshmallows, fresh fruits, chocolate sauce, whipping cream and caramel sauce. 
  1. Butter Board – Well, a butter board isn’t your regular cheese board with all sorts of items. It is made as an accompaniment to freshly baked bread, croissants, crackers, crudites, etc. A butter board is simply flavoured butter with all kinds of herbs, spices, bacon bits, etc. 
  1. Easy Tapas Platter – An authentic tapas platter is full of Spanish meats and cheeses and is ideal for any occasion. Olives, roasted vegetables, fruit, and nuts are a must in a tapas platter. Some top tapas dishes are patatas bravas and gambas al ajillo (spicy potatoes and shrimp, respectively). 
  1. Vegan Grazing Table – Try this vegan grazing table if you’re serving vegan guests or just looking for a healthy but tasty appetiser! This platter can be just as delectable as its meat- and dairy-based counterparts by using a variety of plant-based foods. 
  1. Charcuterie Platter with Seafood – A seafood charcuterie board is a platter that gives ecstatic vibes and goosebumps, especially to a seafood lover. It features seafood like king crab, mussels, oysters, seasonal fruit, and mixed cheeses. King crab is a deluxe option that is ideal for special occasions. The mussels are also a delicacy, with a distinct salty flavour. 
  2. Mediterranean bruschetta hummus platter – We love that this platter keeps things so lowkey that you don’t have to include any meat or dairy toppings. It’s dressed with a fresh bruschetta topping and drizzled with thick balsamic. The chopped veggies make a great topper with falafel and dippings like chickpea, and roasted red pepper hummus ends the game with every bite. 

Why consider Fraser’s events 

If you are searching for professional and creative event catering and management services, your first choice must be Fraser’s events. Our team of professionals and highly skilled event managers can efficiently deliver any event or party according to your vision. Most importantly, we can also incorporate the choice of food in your party or event menu. Our freshly sourced local ingredients can make an incredibly delicious and unique party platter that each guest will remember. 

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