Let’s face it, planning social events can be stressful at times. Picking the ideal venue, wrangling a caterer and satisfying the guests can sometimes seem like a mountain of tasks that just never gets over! And who among us, save the most self-sufficient and confident event planner, wouldn’t like to party better? Whether planning a party or making plans for a business event (like a seminar, a business lunch, or a team-building session), these five tips will help you plan a seamless social event that leads to important conversations and connections. Discover how you can master managing any social gathering and making it unforgettable by reading on   

Corporate events require a professional touch, but that doesn’t mean the food can’t be delicious. And like everybody says, “Food is a way to one’s heart and soul.” Good food and great displays can increase the energy of the event. You can include exciting offerings like starters, vegan or vegetarian options, and fruits to end, creating visually appealing food displays.    

The first step in any event planning is getting the word out about what you’re doing. Ensure everyone who could benefit from your catering services knows – whether it’s a private party or a large-scale conference.   

Below are some ways to host a business event and suitably cater for the occasion.    

Plan with the Essentials    

Much planning is required while hosting or planning a corporate event or any special event. Right from the venue, food, decoration etc., everything needs a perfect plan to make the event a success. Begin by shortlisting the program venue based on the number of guests, then pay attention to details like seats, parking, service, and decor.   

Address the fundamental components beforehand, as it’s crucial for any occasion to run smoothly. You can do this by ensuring the basic requirements of your guests, such as restroom availability, parking amenities, and food and beverage provisions, are all in place.   

Planning, promoting, and staying within your budget is simpler when your event’s goals and objectives are well-defined.    

Financial Plan    

Budget plays a crucial role in business expenditures, particularly events and conferences, as they constitute significant marketing expenses. Creating a budget at the outset is essential to execute a good plan without risking your finances. Communicate the limit of your budget to your event manager and ideate how you can stick within the budget.   


Once the budget is set, choose the venue for the event. Considering the number of guests for the event, choose the event venue.    

Suppose you are looking out for venues to conduct Business or corporate events. In that case, Fraser’s Events and Catering have conference rooms, Wedding and Party Venues to host any of your special occasions. Our team can successfully deliver any event or party of specialists and talented event managers per your needs and planning.    

Contact our team today or visit our website to learn more about Fraser’s events and catering services.  

Food and Beverage   

The primary objective is planning for the Food and Beverage, so the guests receive proper food. Consider hiring a caterer with experience with your specific event type (e.g., corporate functions). While it’s possible that any caterer could handle your event, it’s going to be more comfortable knowing that they’ve done this before and have the systems in place necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly!    

Or if you consider handling it on your own with ought to the expenses, then you must have a proper plan regarding serving the guests good quality food.    

Most importantly, Fraser’s Catering has a standard of quality food and services for your party or any event. A delicious and distinctive party plate made with locally sourced, freshly prepared foods will leave every guest with unforgettable memories.   

With our skilled team of event professionals, we can create excellent catering needs for external venues in Perth for any occasion. To book us for your events, get in touch with us.   

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