The food at your reception is something your wedding guests will look forward to the most (aside from celebrating your marriage, of course)! It is a chance to enjoy your big day and indulge, so choosing the right caterer is essential if you want a memorable marriage. Here are some helpful tips to help you pick the perfect caterer. Looking for a Wedding Event Planner? Look no further; Fraser’s Restaurant has got you covered! 


While your big day deserves to be as perfect as you have ever dreamt of, it’s a 10/10 for your loved ones when the food is right. After all, your guests will eternally remember the two things: the service and the FOOD. That’s why with a the right wedding caterer Perth, your life can be so much easier! A professional and experienced wedding caterer can ensure that everyone at your wedding reception returns home with the brightest smile. It’s a win-win for both. 


Importance of catering in a wedding 

When planning your wedding, channel your inner Ed Sheeran and let Perth’s premier wedding caterers help you make it PERFECT! 


No compromise on your diet 

Keeping a track of your guest’s dietary restrictions can be a big-time fuss. You may have a list of food items, but there are chances that some of them might be allergic to an ingredient or two. But your professional wedding caterers can be the pro you need. After all, you 

wouldn’t be happy if your guests returned home hungry. Such issues can be resolved with the help of efficient and experienced wedding food catering services. Everything will be fine as long as you specify any dietary restrictions. 


The right dish for the right person 

With different choices and preferences, each person would expect the dish they love. The trick is to give them a wide range of options, even in terms of cuisines, for them to love your big day a bit more. And a professional caterer would have this in mind any day. They will be 

ready with a menu with all the favourites so your guests can choose something they enjoy. 


Go easy on your pocket.  

While you pick on the favourites for your loved ones, it is not an easy job to estimate the quantity of food. But a professional caterer can be your saviour! After all, the experience counts. They understand what is required to serve the specified number of attendees while 

avoiding wastage of resources and keeping in mind your budget. With the experts, there is no room for error. 


Pro tip: The perks are endless, but to start with, you won’t be losing your sanity amidst the headcount and right food options! 


Tips for choosing a wedding catering service 

With the right wedding catering service, your wedding day, your big day is sure to be one of the happiest of your life. 


The touch of experience 

Usually, if your wedding caterer has the inclination and experience to plan a beautiful wedding, it’s definitely a plus point to avoid the basic mistakes. A good caterer will not just be transparent about their services but also make sure they keep it personalised.  


Flexibility as a personality trait 

It is no surprise that a catering service usually has a standard menu for you. But in the world of changing trends in food and beverage, a wedding catering service who is open to flexible expectations stands out to be crucial.  


No space for extra pennies 

Prior to beginning your search, you must first determine your budget and understand the market prices for caterers. When you are on a limited budget, let your caterer know your limitations so they can create a package that will fit your needs. 


Pick your style  

A catering service can be categorised based on the serving style, be it a full-service meal, food corners or buffet. According to your budget, a particular dining style may appeal to you more than others. After all, the style of catering in wedding must fit your theme too!  


Search with green signal 

Start searching for catering packages once you know your budget and what kind of style you want. Even though the best caterers are often booked for days or even months in advance, booking early will save you time and hassle. But first things first, cross-checking the service through reviews can help you pick what’s perfect for you.  


The taste of trial food 

The fun begins now that you’ve located and shortlisted the service you wish to use. You get to taste the food! After all, you want to ensure that their cuisine lives up to the promise. The point is, is it even possible to sign a contract before tasting the food? Obviously, pictures won’t give you your answer. The food tasting also allows you to determine whether the flavour, style, and packaging of their meal and decide if it meets your standards. Furthermore, a tasting round prior to finalising a contract allows you to explore how your ideas might be incorporated into their existing menus, giving them a new touch.  


Choosing a professional catering service that can fit in to turn your big day into a reality is just one of the many challenges you will encounter when planning your wedding. To all you brides and grooms, your perfect day is meant to be perfect, and the perfect catering in wedding can just grace it like the cherry on the cake! 


Sure, the options for wedding catering service can confuse you but finding your catering buddy can just make your day. And that’s where Fraser’s comes in the game. Our events team, led by Alister Pereira, are industry professionals. They understand flexibility, have immaculate attention to detail, and understand that the tiny little touches can make a big difference in delivering a genuinely exceptional event experience.

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